Silver Lynx Australian Beds and Furniture

Your Silver Lynx product is crafted with care. Properly maintained, it will mature overtime developing a rich patina enhancing its appearance. To get the best performance from your Silver Lynx product, please follow these simple care instructions:

→ Dust surfaces gently with a feather duster, wipe gently with a slightly damp soft cloth/chamois

→ Do not allow liquids, damp clothes to contact lacquered surfaces for extended periods

→ We recommend the use of coasters/mats to protect the lacquered surface from drinks etc

→ Avoid using silicone-based polishes/cleaners

→ Never place furniture near heating/cooling outlets

→ Do not allow solvents, bleach, abrasives or heated objects to contact surfaces

→ Avoid having your furniture in direct sunlight for extended periods of time

→ Do not drag your bed or furniture

→ Retain all tools, instructions, warranty documents in a safe place for easy access


→ Periodically rotate the bed slats, check the positioning of the support leg and ensure bracket bolts are tight


→ To prevent injury from toppling, anchor your product to a wall or suitable surface

→ Check toppling anchors regularly

OR contact your retailer or our sales office for assistance.

Silver Lynx products are Australian designed, Australian made and Australian owned.